Caroline was born and raised in rural Muskoka (Central Ontario, Canada) and graduated from The Ontario college of Art and Design as a Sculpture/Installation major.

She has throughout her life enjoyed experimenting with a wide variety of traditional and unconventional artistic materials, but has always had a special fondness for creating 2D narratives, which stems from a great love of children’s books and story telling.

Caroline’s paintings have been exhibited throughout North America, and have made their way onto album covers, book covers and have lent a face to a variety of other solo and group projects.

She gladly accepts select commission and collaborative projects, providing her schedule allows, as she enjoys sharing and building upon ideas with other creative thinkers and finds joy in creating that perfect piece for someone.

Following her time at OCAD, Caroline pursued an independent two year study of Jewellery Arts at George Brown College in Toronto, where she was inspired to wed her interests in sculpture with her love of story telling and gathering.

A big fan of gemstones and their attributed metaphysical properties, Caroline seeks to create Personal Talismans that seek to inspire, follow, and reflect the Wearer throughout their daily life–semi-permanent, intimate fixtures on the ever-changing landscape that is the Body.

Unlike many other jewellery designers, the majority of Caroline’s jewellery sculpture are One Of A Kind works, with hand-selected gemstones that are often not widely accessible in commercially available jewellery.

The remainder of her works are very small production and are hand finished to maintain the unique integrity of each piece.

She has enjoyed working in many aspects of the commercial Jewellery Industry ranging from Sales, Customer Service, to Design and believes that jewellery has a wonderful ability to celebrate the individual and the milestones of their life.

Caroline is currently pursuing her Graduate Gemologist certification with the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) in California.

She  lives and works in Port Hope, Canada with her husband, artist Oli Goldsmith, Boston Terrier Dorothy and Siamese cat, Simon.

When not in the Studio, Caroline makes sure to find time for a glass of wine, a good documentary film, her Pinterest boards, researching random ideas that often make their way onto her Blog, and relaxing in bed with a historical novel.

Feel free to follow her creative process, day to day ramblings, check out what inspires her here. To get in touch about commissions, collaborative projects or just to say hello, please contact her at caroline@carolinebacher.com.