Otha People’s Art (Part 1)



You’ve probably heard the idiom “Everyone has at least one good book in them”. And for certain, we all have our journeys that make for an interesting story or two (written or otherwise)–we are all Artists in a very Post-Modern and diverse sensibility (Po-Mo-ing which sometimes verges on the ultra annoying whine of a bratty teenager). This is a post about Otha People’s Work that I love….

This fantastic setting is part of Doris Bank’s “Gold” line of dinnerware.



Indeed. Aside from that extraordinarily rare “hot mess” in which Fate is the actual creator, most effortless looking Art is done at the hand of a Master. The beauty is in that Zen Effortlessness that takes years of practice to achieve–the Artist must learn and then unlearn. I am absolutely crazy about acclaimed German Master Ceramist Doris Bank’s “Gold” line of handcrafted dinnerware. The Simple and Sublime are so perfectly wedded. It is evocative; so playfully yet sensuously  flirting with texture, colour and form, and having a rough delicacy that makes me…hungry. And that is the point–her Art is meant to be handled and eaten out of, and savoured with the senses. In a nutshell, her work is all about being Human and the pleasant yet necessary ritual of feeding ourselves. Looking at (and presumably handling) her work is a feast for the senses, even without food. I am sure that even a humble package of Kraft Dinner eaten out of these dishes would be beyond incredible!

Even in their “simplicity”, elements of the Gold line can be mixed and matched to create a more understated or extravagant feel.

Although I would by no means consider myself a Master, the sensibility of Doris Bank has greatly influenced my own work, especially my jewellery. And this is what I love so much about being a creative person (some might eve say Artist): much of my best inspiration comes from taking in the work of other Artists, letting it mull about in my system and creating my own work. It of course also gives me great pleasure when another Artist is in turn influenced by my work. I can’t even imagine what kind of ideas actually eating out of Doris’ china would stir within me! I have to own a set of Gold….Yes, for the sake of my work. And the work of Others. And my rather increasingly Imperialistic waistline. :)

Please check out a collection, curated by Me, of Other People’s Work That I Love on Etsy: Otha People’s Art That I Love “That Feel Too”

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